VIN-LOCK Central, a company known for its professionalism

  • Discreet marking, the most aesthetic on the market
  • More than 60 pieces identified
  • Combination of 3 unique technologies
  • Vin-Lock Excellence, enjoy an efficiency rate of 96%
  • Our company is recommended by insurance companies and brokerage firms
  • You could take advantage of a discount by contacting your insurer

Vin-lock Central, the proactive marking specialist

Industrial proactive marking

The PROACTIVE marking of Vin-Lock central is the most effective way to protect industrial equipment against the risk of theft. Your file will be indexed to our databases in order to create a digital track record to identify the components of your vehicle even if the serial number has been tempered with.

Vin-Lock central, optimizing quality and efficiency

Specialised in proactive anti-theft marking of vehicles such as: tourism vehicles, boats, farming and industrial equipment, vans, motorcycles, watercrafts, snowmobiles, trailers, utility vehicles, etc.

The proactive marking of Vin-Lock central offers a protection with an estimated efficiency rate of 96%. At Vin-Lock, we consider it important to protect your vehicle and thereby protect your insurance policy.

In some cases, you may also be able to take advantage of a discount on your premium by contacting your insurer.