VIN-LOCK specializes in THE PROACTIVE ANTITHEFT MARKING of vehicles and equipment such as: automobiles, boats, agricultural and industrial equipment, vans, motorcycles, seadoos, snowmobiles, farm vehicles, industrial vehicles, trailers, utility vehicle, ATV, etc.

What is PROACTIVE antitheft marking?

Marking a property is a great way to minimize the risk of theft. It should be noted, however, that VIN-LOCK’s PROACTIVE antitheft marking also includes a more sophisticated set of deterrent measures. Its effectiveness lies in the combination of these three types of actions:

1. High quality standards

• Window marking technique (without sand) proven over the past 20 years
• Specialized marking equipment for multiple types of parts
• A technique for identifying the body with hidden codes
• Up to 60 parts on automobiles and 125 for industrial vehicles
• Vin-Lock deterrent Stickers
• The web site’s address etched in parallel to the Vin-Lock codes.

2. Strong preventive measures

• Centralized certificate issuance to prevent falsification
• Inscription in our Extranet data central
• A highly secured database
• Access to data by the SPVM, various police forces and the Investigation Department of the Insurance Bureau of Canada
• A special procedure for VGA-registered vehicles (severely damaged vehicle) that minimizes the risk of fraud
• A unique coding method with investigation clues
• A transfer procedure to a new owner (applicable fee)

3. Theft assistance

1. In case of theft or recovery, we assure assistance at no cost
2. Vin-Lock cooperates with authorities during investigations

The reputation of VIN-LOCK allows you to have the assurance of a high-quality protection, aesthetic in its application and recognized by authorities as well as the insurance domain.marking

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