What is PROACTIVE antitheft marking?

Proactive marking is one of the most effective ways to counter theft. Why? Because it dramatically decreases the resale value of a property on the black market. Also, a digital trace is linked to your vehicle to discourage thieves and maximize the chances of recuperation.

What are the savings on my policy?

There are usually savings on your insurance policy. Above all, by protecting your vehicle, you help protect your insurance policy from cost increase due to a theft.

How long does the installation take?

Once started, the antitheft marking of a vehicle will be completed in less than an hour.

Where can I have my vehicle protected by VIN-LOCK?

You can get this service at one of our numerous accredited merchants or through our mobile service at 514-694-6916 toll-free 1-877-VIN-LOCK (846-5625)

My vehicle is not new, should I opt for this service?

The resale of stolen parts affects both new and used vehicles. Protecting your vehicle is a good choice.

Need professional marking?

Vin-Lock Central, the specialist in proactive marking