VIN-LOCK is a Quebec-based company specialized in anti-theft prevention for more than 20 years.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with insurers and authorities active in theft prevention.

Our reputation is well established.

We have perfected a method of identification of parts using three combined technologies. This method is paired with a database accessible by the SPVM, various police forces and the investigation department of the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
Our experience in theft prevention has shown that PROACTIF etching is among the most effective ways to reduce the risk of theft.
• Highest quality standards
• Strong preventive measures
• A 24/7 theft assistance service

Our mission: Joining forces to counter theft

  • VIN-LOCK plays an important role in the field of anti-theft prevention.
  • Our Extranet data centre, unique to VIN-LOCK, is an excellent example of innovation in this area.
  • Our innovative spirit and the quality of our products and services have allowed us to gain the confidence of Quebec insurers.
  • As a result, we are able to offer more benefits to our customers.

Proud of our partnership with the SPVM


“More than 6,000 civilian and police employees work together to meet the security needs of citizens. The SPVM is a front-line responder to the community.”

Police forces are our first line of defence. In line with the SPVM’s mission to “commit to the future”, VIN-LOCK Central shares its theft prevention and recovery data to create technological tools to fight theft.

Proud of our collaboration with PATNET

“An initiative of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, New Brunswick Division”

PATNET is an essential technological tool for communication, training and contact sharing, particularly aimed at supporting police forces in their investigations. VIN-LOCK/DOMINO data sharing helps us to work together more quickly to combat theft.

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