VIN-LOCK is actively involved in the fight against theft

Our presence with insurers, brokers and authorities active in anti-theft prevention has earned us the support of insurers in the province of Quebec.

Our quality standards have been established in order to meet and even exceed the specifications of insurers. For example, special procedures are applied when protecting a vehicle registered VGA (severely damaged vehicle). To avoid the risk of fraud, VIN-LOCK will require two certificates before carrying out the proactive marking of such a vehicle:
The audit certificate of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and the certificate of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) 

Examples of measures that meet the specific needs of insurers include:


1. Points of sale and installation across the province of Quebec.
2. Centralised procedure for issuance of certificates available online for people in the insurance industry.
3. Accredited training sessions (UFC) on VIN-LOCK’s anti-theft products and services designed specifically for the insurance industry.
4. Periodic quality controls that minimize the risk of fraud and ensure the homogeneity of the quality standards of our services.

We have shown that there are many benefits to adhering to our approach to anti-theft prevention. Today, Quebec insurers are convinced of the effectiveness of PROACTIF marking. In the majority of cases, VIN-LOCK’s Anti-Theft Protection certification allows you to benefit from a reduction of your insurance premium.

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