VIN-LOCK PROACTIVE MARKING is the most effective way to protect industrial equipment from the risk of theft.

We use three technologies to protect your equipment:
• Glass marking technology proven for more than 20 years
• Industrial-level micro-percussion
• Hydro-fluoride transfer on hidden parts

In all, we aim for 125 parts for higher level protection.

Your information will be secured at our central database, for life, as long as you own the unit. This protection is transferable to a new owner with applicable fee.



The data is accessible, through secured access, by the SPVM, various police forces and the investigation department of the Insurance Bureau of Canada. An important part of your protection against theft because this creates a digital trace.

Once protected, the theft of industrial equipment becomes very risky for thieves or potential buyers. You benefit from a high-quality protection, recognized by your insurer.

We can serve you at one of our numerous accredited merchants or through our mobile service.

Contact us for more information:

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Toll-free 1-877-VIN-LOCK (846-5625)

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